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Sable Island Nova Scotia

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Mission Accomplished

Mission Accomplished

Me and Simon - post surf pic

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Sable Island is located approximately 300km east-southeast of Halifax Nova Scotia. It's approximately 45 kilometers long and 1 kliometer wide and composed entirely of sand.
The Meteorolgical Service of Canada, a branch of Enviroment Canada maintains a continuous presence on the island. There are also seasonally occupied facilities belonging to Department of fisheries and Oceans, the Coast Guard and these include a number of buildings two lighthouses, two helicopter landind pads and a navigation beacon.
Island activities and access are administered by the Canadian Coast Guard on behalf of the Goverment of Canada. Except for emergencies, no person is allowed to land on the island without permission from the director of Maritime programs, Canadian Coast Guard.

Natural Enviroment
Vegetation- No species of plant or animal may be introduced without authorization. Plants should not be desturbed. Some plants on the island are very restricted in distribution.Since such plants generally occur in sites with lusher and wetter vegetation, it is necessary to minimize activities in such areas. You should always walk on existing horse paths when possible.
Birds- Sable Island is a migratory bird sanctuary with protection for all migratory birds, their nests, their eggs, and their habitat.
Horses-The horses of Sable are protected by law. They must not be interfered with or harassed. Horses must not be fed.
Grey Seals: These are the most common and breed in January and Febuary. More than 50,000 pups are born every year. During the summer their numbers are reduced but they are still common.
Harbour Seals: These sre also year round residents but are less numeropus than grey seals. They breed in May and June. This population is in decline and it's important to avoid disturbing them. These seals bite, so watch it!
Sharks- There are 18 varieties of sharks on the Scotian shelf. The beach contains many carcasses of seals that have been killed by sharks. Surfer beware!

One of the only ways to get to the Island. Check out that pilot!

Have a look at the teeth on that bastard!

The Island...Wow

Sable Island surf - south shore

Sable Horses

South Beach. From fixed wing aircraft.